Our Services

Daily stresses, city pollution and improper diet are among the main factors that promote the accumulation of harmful toxins in our body.

Thai Massage

A Thai Massage aims to relieve pain in joints and sore muscles through a vigorous yet comfortable set of yoga-like stretches. During a Thai Massage, a therapist stimulates different pressure points to improve circulation of the blood and internal energy. The deep and continuous strokes into the muscle tissue result in easing of muscle pain and any tension to restore the former elasticity. Sore muscles and joints relax and retrieve normal functioning which soothes pain and de-stresses the body.

Body Massage

When stress overwhelms, it can influence the health of our body and mind. Massage is one of the most indispensable treatments for recovering inner peace and wellbeing. In our spa we offer a variety of effective massage techniques and carefully combined individual programs designed to enhance relaxation, healthy blood flow and harmony.

Hot Stone Massage

The stones will then slowly cool, taking away all of your tension bringing you to a state of complete balance and harmony. Most men who have tried a Hot Stone Massage would never go for a regular massage therapy again. Since Hot Stone Massage often includes both massage techniques and the application of hot stones, it is perfect for treating stiff and aching muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

Transcend to a path that is extremely relaxing, a path to health and harmony.Call and make an appointment with one of our professional therapists for a healing session of Deep Tissue Massage. Treat your muscle pain and improve your general health with the wisdom of the strategic strokes and pressure applied to the problem areas.